EP02# Parenting and Public Shaming: Public Shaming Psychology

Parenting and Public Shaming: the Audio

Not that our children are criminals in the making; nor is our parenting and hopes for them bad outcomes, desires or dreams for them. In essence; what happened? There are research correlations and relationship models that extend some parenting styles and mechanisms to criminal behaviors. When parents use negative forms of public shaming and ridiculing.... lets face it - all children are not created equal. What may be effectual and create modern change and positive reforms in one child may harm and degenerate another childs' future and psychological/emotional stability.  


Our dedication toward Healthy Families First - sponsored by the Cognitive Institute of Dallas and other social responsibility entities is promoting healthy parent child relationships when there is a kinship split. No communication, no awareness, no occasional meetings, no nothin'! And our intent is an information hub for parents to approach healing and recovery in safe spaces. Our full broadcast is hosted on BBS Radio: Healthy Families First

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